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Installing JSP Ceiling Tiles

JSP Ceiling Tiles have been designed to work with existing suspended ceiling frame grids just the same way traditional mineral fibre tiles do. There are no special considerations, requirements or alterations needed in order to use JSP Ceiling Tiles with new or existing suspended ceiling frames; JSP Ceiling Tiles simple drop straight in. Watch the video below to see just how quickly and easily you can transform your suspended ceiling.

Working With JSP Ceiling Tiles

JSP Ceiling Tiles have been designed to be just as easy to work with as existing suspended ceiling tiles.

595mm x 595mm Tile Size

JSP Ceiling Tiles are supplied as 595mm by 595mm tiles to match the size of traditional suspended ceiling tiles. Our tiles simply drop straight in to any existing 600mm x 600mm ceiling frame grid. There is no need for anything different to what is already available.

Score To Cut

Just like traditional suspended ceiling tiles, JSP Ceiling Tiles can be cut by scoring the tile with a sharp knife before snapping. Installers can easily adjust tiles to fit the individual requirements or additional components of the ceiling space.

Drilling Holes

JSP Ceiling Tiles can be drilled with a holesaw just like existing suspended ceiling tiles in order to create cut outs for recessed lights or any other items which may need to be inserted or threaded through the body of the tile.

JSP Performance

Our entire JSP Ceiling Tiles range provides a high specification through the use of our innovative material.

Class A Fire Rating · Thermally Insulating · Sound Insulating · Moisture Resistant · Stain Resistant

To find out more about the performance of our JSP Ceiling Tiles range please visit or performance page.

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Advantage JSP

Unlike traditional mineral fibre suspended ceiling tiles our innovative JSP Ceiling Tiles are manufactured using the latest material innovations to provide you with not only the freedom to create colourful, inspiring and stylish ceilings but to be confident in the longevity of your vision.

Crack Resistant

The innovative materials in JSP Ceiling Tiles means you no longer have to worry about your suspended ceiling tiles cracking or flaking. In fact you needn’t worry about them cracking at all; they are lightweight yet provide impact, tensile and flexural strength far beyond traditional ceiling tiles.

Stain Resistant

Being water resistant means our tiles don’t suffer from staining, soiling or dis-coloration after they’ve been installed. Our innovative materials means that unlike traditional mineral fibre ceiling tiles your suspended ceiling will look as good as the day it was installed throughout its life.

Warp Resistant

Warped ceiling tiles are a thing of the past when you install JSP Ceiling Tiles. Unlike traditional mineral fibre ceiling tiles, JSP Ceiling Tiles do not absorb moisture from their environment which prevents the cause of warping over time as environmental conditions fluctuate.

Mould Resistant

Being resistant to moisture and through having a fundamentally different material structure to traditional mineral fibre style ceiling tiles means replacing mouldy tiles is a thing of the past. JSP Ceiling Tiles simply do not present the incubation environment mould thrives in.

JSP Ceiling Tiles have transformed our office into a sleek, vibrant, expressive and fun environment for a minimum outlay. Something so simple has made such an impact

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